Philippine Duchesne Society


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The Order of Philippine Duchesne recognizes prior donors to the recently retired Philippine Duchesne Society. For more than 10 years, the Duchesne Society honored Maryville’s spiritual foundress, Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne, and recognized annual giving of $1,000 or more to any area of the University during a single fiscal year. Although the Duchesne Society is no longer an active giving group, The Order of Philippine Duchesne, and its current roster of members, will remain in perpetuity as a legacy group. Members of the Order are those who made Duchesne Society gifts during Fiscal Year 2022, as well as those who were frequent members of the Duchesne Society through their lifetime giving to Maryville.

Keith Alper
American Association of University Women
American Direct Marketing Resources LLC
Rachel and Thomas Andreasson
Anheuser-Busch Co.’s, Inc. American Legion Post 299
Anonymous* (3)
Anonymous (2)
Apex Physical Therapy, LLC
Arch Express
Melissa and Keith* Archer
Elisa Arnold and David Rule
Marge* and Ron Aylward
Gloria Hoffman Bahn*
Nicole Bailey
John Baltrushunas
Lisa and Jeffrey Barker
Elmira Batchelor*
Bayer Fund
Valerie Beeson
AJ* and Taylor* Bell
Carol Benoist*♥
Tracie and Jim Bibb
Eleanor Blakemore
Marie and Stuart Block
Blueprint4Summer STL
The Boeing Company
Tom Boudreau*
Ann*♥ and Donald Boyce
Phillip Bracken
Rodney Bradley
Christine BredenKoetter*♥ and Andrew Podleski
Carol and Dale Brockmann
Suzanne Bromschwig*♥ and William Dolan
Dorothy*♥ and Reginald Brooks
The Dana Brown Charitable Trust
William Brumitt
Elizabeth and Perry Buck
Ann*♥ and Dick Bugg
Janice* and Jeffrey Burnett
Nancee J. Byington Revocable Trust
Nina* and Derrick Caldwell
Pamela and Wesley Campbell
Jane Shannon Cannon*♥+
Carr Lane Manufacturing Company
Robin and Christopher* Chadwick
Chaney Windows and Doors
Cisneros Design
The Clark-Fox Family Foundation
Andrew Clyne
Anne* and John* Cochran
Ryan Cockerham*
Stacy and Robert Cockerham
Cockerham & Associates LLC
Elizabeth and Gregg* Cole
College Bound
Commerce Bank
Rebecca and Jeffrey Cook
Kathryn* and Aubrey Cox
Karen and Alden Craddock
Craftsmen Trailer, LLC
Mary Ellen Cremins*♥
JoAnne Crider*
Jennifer Crigger
CVS Health Foundation
D1 Fitness STL West
Ann Dames*♥
Robin and Greg* Dannegger
Gloria and Edward Davis Jr.
Laraine* and David Davis
Elizabeth and Jaime* De La Cruz
Sandra and Michael DeBaun
Deloitte Foundation
Bonnie and Micheal Denney
Sally and Scott Denney
Mary Rose Desloge*♥
Katherine D’Esposito*♥
Eva and Michael* DeVore
Mary Ann*♥ and George Diehr
Pam and Dan Distler
Patricia Dolan*♥ and Joseph Guignon
Jami and Jowcol Dolby
Angelo Donghia Foundation
William A. Donius
Malia Dunbar*
Lauralea and Norman L. Eaker
Joseph Eckelkamp
Renae Eichholz
Stephanie Elfrink* and Jamie Wottowa
Emerson Charitable Trust
Employees Community Fund of the Boeing Company
Episcopal Presbyterian Health Trust
Laura and Andrew Ernst
Essman Family Charitable Foundation
Patricia and Timothy* Fagin
Gail and Hershey Feldstein
Fertilizer Dealer Supply
Fay and Jeff Fetick
Mary Ellen Finch
Linda and Steven Finerty
FirebirdFest LLC
First Bank
First Community Credit Union
Cherie Fister and René Michel Trápaga
Eileen and Lonnie* Folks
John Fox*
Geralyn* and Gary Frandsen
Frederic Co., Inc.
Nance Frost
Lou Fusz Automotive Network, Inc.
Karen and Jeffrey Gagan
Margaret*♥ and Michael Galbraith
Casie* Gambrel-Ocampo and Ruben Ocampo
Clifford W. Gaylord Foundation

Susan*♥ and Frank Hackmann
Nancy and Michael Georgen
Darlene and Doug Glaze
Missy Gloetzner
Tammy Gocial and Sandra Ray
Sherri and Rick Goldman
Leona Graham
Elizabeth Green
Grimco Charitable Fund
Grimco Inc.
Stephen Gross
Lauren* and Jacob* Grosser
Chuck Gulas* and Gil Smith
Joseph J. Gummersbach+
Nancy Bascom Hamilton*♥ and Edward Hamilton
Martha Harbaugh
Kara Harmon
Anna Harris
Jane* and Robert Harrison
Larry Hays
Betty Hayward*
Heartland Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Elizabeth V. Heller, Patty Heller Charitable Gift Fund of the St. Louis Community Foundation
Colleen Hennessy*♥ and Joseph Munshaw
Anne and Kevin* Herr
Anne and Tom Herrmann
Jeanne* and Michael Hevesy
Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
Kris and Brian Hogan
Kathleen* and David Hollows
Home Health Care Foundation
Pam and Bob Horwitz
Sally and Dale Hughes
Cheryl* and Jerry Hughey
Lynne and Dennis Hummel
Howard Hurwitz
Pamela and Rush* James
Jefferson Foundation
Michelle Jenkins*
Tammy and John Jennings
Mary* and John Jermak
Jewish Federation of St. Louis
Anita Johnson
Shelley and Antonio* Johnson
Suzy Johnson
Cecile Malone Jones*♥
JP’s Sports Bar and Grill
Maureen and Tony Juodis
Robin* and James Kaiser
Kennedy Painting
Kristen Kenney
Aubrey and Michael Kiener
Adelaide and Robert Kistner
Darla and Jeff Kitsmiller
Susan Kohl*♥ and Rosemary Denson
Peggy* and John Kolb
Nancy Koller*♥

Pamela Kramer and Jeffrey Schlote
Prudence*♥ and Marc Kramer
The Kranzberg Family Foundation
Francine and Paul Kravitz
Kathleen Kroupa*
Karen* and Ron* Landolt
Connie and Brian Lang
Sue and Craig Larson
Lawmen’s and Shooters’ Supply, Inc.
Shani Lenore
Melissa* and Scott Lenz
Francine*♥ and Joseph Leritz
Barbara and John Lewington
The LIGHT Foundation
Laurie* and Brandon* Loeschner
Dr. Mark Lombardi
Jean and Joseph Lopour
Katherine* and Ryan Louthan
Kathy Lunan
Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis
Yuming Ma and Bao-Ping Jia
Susan MacDonald*♥
Kathleen*♥ and John MacDonough
Nikki* and Jose-Paulo Mamuric
Steven Mandeville*
Tyrone Manthey
Marquette Associates
Ann and Craig Marr
Lauren and Arnold Martens
Lauren and Adam Mason
Darleen and Albert Maxwell
Msgr. Robert L. McCarthy
Patty*♥ and Greg McCaskill
Jen and Brian McCluskey
Peggy Padberg McGarry*♥
Michael McKinney*
Holly McKissick and Joe Hatley*
Mercy Health
Carol and Mark Mestemacher
Julie*♥ and Charles Michelson
Midland States Bank of Chesterfield
Midwest Materials Company
Jeffery Miller
Missouri Colleges Fund, Inc.
Missouri Foundation for Health
Missouri Insurance Education Foundation
Sheri and Frank Mistretta
Mario Morgan*
MaryKay*♥ and James Muehlbauer
Bette*♥ and David Mueller
Turan Mullins*
Music Record Shop
Janet* and Lorin Nevling
Anthony and Carolyn Nicometo
Nightline Express Inc.
Merle and Martin Oberman
Ann Ojile*
Gail and Gary Olson
Olaide Oluwole-Sangoseni and Abiodun Sangoseni
Margaret and Michael Onken
The Pageant, LLC
Justin Panther*
Edward Paull
Nancy and Glenn Paulus
Nikki and Nick Payne
Connie and Kraig Peterson
Cathy and Charles Phillips
Linda and Gregory* Pietroburgo
Stephanie and Keith* Pittillo
Cindy and Darryl Pope
Marguerite (Cookie) Kaulakis Potter-Feinberg*♥
Premier Custom Fab
Marjorie* and Claudius Pritchard
Protective Life Foundation
Kathy*♥ and Monte Purcelli
Kay Quinn-Malone* and James Malone
Danielle and Dan* Rakers
Susan Ramming*
Ann*♥ and David Rapp
Rawlings Sporting Goods Company Inc.
Jean Raybuck*♥
Gayle*♥ and Richard Reichle
Reinsurance Group of America, Inc.
Helen Riechmann*♥+
Kathleen Robbins*♥
Melissa Rodgers
Janet and Mark Roock
Romy and Tim* Rozar
Jennifer and Ron Ruch
Laura and Ed Ryan
David Sadler
The Saigh Foundation
Candice Sanders*
Carlotta Sansone*
Zach Sansone
Gayle Santucci
Karen Schechter
Daniel Schmidt*
Stephanie and Mark* Schnuck
Joan Luttig Schoor
Michael Schroeder
Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri, Inc.
Joan* and Eugene Sehl
Teresa Selin
Karin and Richard Sems
The Shack Holding Co. LLC.
The Silk Foundation
Betty+ and Thad Simons
Simons Jewelers
Katherine and Andy Siorek
Sarah* and Daniel Sise
Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet
Darlene and William Skaggs
Gloria and David Snell
Ruth and Darin* Sorrell
Alice*♥ and Edward Spitznagel
SSM DePaul Health Center
St. Louis Actuaries Club
St. Louis Development Corporation
St. Louis Italian Invitational Golf Tournament for Charities
St. Louis Men’s Group Against Cancer
St. Louis Sports Commission
Theresa and Gregory Stading
Carol and Michael Staenberg
The Staenberg Family Foundation
Jack Stein
Sterling Bank
Moira*♥ and John Steuterman
Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.
Carolyn Straatmann*♥
Lora Strader
Marilyn Strothman
Marcia Sullivan
Mary Ann and Jim Switzer
Harriet Switzer♥ and David Cronin
Elyse and Frank Thomas
Patricia Thompson*♥
Addie*♥ and Phil Tomber
William Tomber
Lizzy Tomber-Young and Josh Young
Treasure Coast Percussion LLC
Truck Centers Inc.
Emily* and Bob* Tschopp
Beth and Robert* Tucker
Kate* and Chris* Turner
Mary Udouj*♥
Urban Growth Property LP
Mary*♥ and Jules VanDersarl
Erin Verry
Robin* and Robert Vorel
Helen Vulevich
Dennis Wachtel+
Donna* and Jerry Walker
George Walker
Martha E. and Thomas E. Walker Foundation
Mary E. Walker
Wallis Companies
Katie*♥ and Martin Walsh
Joyce*♥ and Thomas Walsh
Suzanne Desloge Weiss*♥ and Charles Weiss
Roberta Rassieur Williams
Patricia*♥ and David Willis
Libby and Randall Wilson
Francine Templeman Wimsatt*♥+
Window Nation
Winning Streak, Inc.
Pamela Wollenberg
Douglas Woolman
World Wide Technology Foundation
William Wostoupal